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Activities for 2014
The programme this year will need to be built around the pond dredging and, hopefully, restoration from September onwards. Therefore our main activities for the Autumn need to focus on tasks which will support the restoration work. It may well not be possible to define these precisely until later in the year.

We must also minimise activities in the woodland area during the nesting season, so nothing there until September. The exception of course is the need to further remove the balsam from the stream banks, and it is difficult to know at this stage how much time that will require. Experience from last year suggests that the more we can do before the seeds develop the better.

Date Activity Comments
26th April 14 Publicity day Removal of Spanish Bluebells We plan to have a day to focus on public relations and providing an up-to-date Pond Life newsletter. Linked to Midhurst Sustainability Day.
21st June 14 Removal of Himalayan BalsamPlease note we will be meeting at the Taylor’s Field car park beside the Jubilee Path which is just before the Community Orchard at 10.0a.m.

If you would like more information on this plant please follow this link:


Subject to review as we see how the balsam develops this year. Combine with further publicity/handouts
2nd August 14 Removal of Himalayan BalsamAn INFORMATION MORNING will be taking place  at the same time from a marquee by South Pond near the new Grange Centre. An up-to-date leaflet will also be distributed with the Pond Life newsletter As for 21st June but meeting as usual at 10.0 by the bridge.
Remove as much as possible of the remaining balsam
30th Aug 14 Cutting birch for the faggots for reinforcing the pond shallow areasThe task which we will be doing at Midhurst Common (not South Pond) on this day involves cutting with loppers (mainly) small to medium birch trees and binding them into faggots. We therefore feel there will be work suitable for all levels of ability and experience. Working at Midhurst Common not South Pond – if transport is required please meet at the Grange Car Park at 9.30 leaving the common at 1.0 – please bring your own refreshments and suitable clothing e.g. boots
Due to unforseen circumstances we need to cancel this Saturday’s Working Party. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
We do however hope that you will have an opportunity to have a look at the restoration work in progress but you may particularly like to be there next Thursday to make some small contribution through the faggot fixing process, especially those who have made faggots. We will confirm that date and details as soon as Salix the company have given us the up to date information.
Our apologies again for the cancellation.
29th November 14 Support pond restoration To be assessed

We normally meet at 10.0 am. by the wooden footbridge unless we announce otherwise. We would really appreciate your support in whatever way you can.  It maybe that you feel unable to do some of the more physical work but there will be other activities that we can offer so please do just come along we will be very pleased to see you.

Past Events


Pond Dipping at South Pond

We had the pleasure of taking an assembly at four of our local primary schools talking about the pond and the effects of bread on the wildlife.

Following this we have been pleased to welcome lots of children from local schools (Midhurst Primary, Stedham Primary, Conifers) to learn more about the pond and to do some water testing and pond dipping to find out about the water quality and what is living there. They all understood that the water quality is poor and we were unlikely to find much life in the samples.

In spite of that, the children, aged from 3 to 11, all seemed to enjoy the experience and we gained some scientific information about inverterbrate life in the pond. They were also able to explore some good samples from a nearby garden pond so they could see what we hope to find once the pond has been improved. Our thanks to all those adults who helped with these sessions. They were great fun.

Snowdrops and Bluebells

We planted snowdrops and bluebells along Jubilee Path last Autumn.  We have enjoyed the snowdrops and now hopefully look forward to seeing some of the bluebells.

Madhurst Weekend August 2013

South Pond Group had a marquee on the grounds to join in the festivities and also publicise the Group and the exciting programme which lay ahead.  Leaflets were distributed and displays took many visitors interest.

Rotary Club of Midhurst and Petworth plants a Community Orchard.

On Friday 23rd November 2013 the Rotary Club of Midhurst and Petworth planted a community orchard on Jubilee Path, as a contribution to the Woodland Trust Jubilee Wood Project.

The weather was fine, after much rain, and a good number of companies and groups that had donated trees turned out to plant their tree, and this made for a happy and successful occasion.  The South Pond Group was also there to lend a hand.  Thirty five fruit trees were planted: apples, pears, plums and cherries.

Future plans include installing an interpretation board to commemorate the Rotary gift, and to describe the trees and their place in the ecology of the area, and perhaps to place a bench in a pleasant place so that the orchard can be enjoyed by all.

This will be a lasting legacy to the Community of Midhurst and District

South Pond Group Spring Event

The South Pond Group Spring Event took place on 4th May 2012.  There was a marque with information on the environmental challenges at South Pond, and what we hope to do about them.  We were joined by the South Downs National Park Authority, and approximately 100 people passed through between 10.00 and about 2.00 to discuss these issues, and find out about the pond.

There was also a well-attended exhibition of posters designed by the children of Midhurst Primary School, on the theme of “Please do not feed the ducks”.  The posters explained why this is harmful for the ducks, and for the landscape, and will be compiled into a booklet.

Working parties pulled a great deal of litter and rubbish out of a small part of the stream and removed Himalayan Balsam along it’s length. This is an ongoing project which as you will see is to continue in our 2014 programme.South Pond Midhurst biodiversity environment wildlife corridor.

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